Behind the Stays

Meet the Family of Hospitality Entrepreneurs who Turned a WW2 Train Car and an Aircraft Hanger into Top-Rated Airbnbs

January 20, 2021

When they purchased their home in 2016, the Smith family had no idea what adventures lay ahead. On the far edge of their property sat an empty WWII train and a historic aircraft hangar...

Fast forward just a couple of years, and these historic spaces have been transformed into gorgeous stays. Tune in for an exciting story of how the Smith family went from managing one to managing three Airbnbs, with Adrienne at the design helm, Tayler heading up branding and marketing, and Dean commanding the post of "Chief Customer Experience Manager"...oh, and their seven dogs playing key roles in the guest happiness department. 

Check out the Smith Family Airbnb's here:



Dolly's Fantasy Camper 

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